Do you love to read books???? What’s your favorite genre??? Be sure to drop your answers below in the comments!!!!

Today I want to talk about books!!!!! Reading has always been an escape for me for years!!! I read to keep my mind from going crazy and I’m sure I’m not the only one! Whenever I want to go on a mini vacation, I simply read a book.

My favorite genre is Urban Fiction. I love that genre because I can relate to it. I grew up not really having much so when I pick up a book by Diamond Johnson, Kee Nicole, Sephiri J., Ashely Antoinette, Nako, Tasha Nashay, Ash AJ Davidson, Teri Woods, and many more I can relate. I love to see when their characters over come triumph and reach their full potential.

I started writing at an early age but when I had a family member telling me that my books where trash and no one would take me serious I stopped. When I got in high school I had a teacher tell me I had a real talent so I picked my pen back up and became Author Chrissy O. I have 7 books total that have been published but where pulled down because of my publisher. They will go back up once I get my rights back but in the meantime I’m working on 7 more books at once. Now that I’m an indie author I can write in more than one genre now!!! So please be on the look out for my first book that’s dropping in January 2020!!!!

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