Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to you all. To the ones we are missing in heaven I pray you are watching over us all and making sure we all have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

I’m not really a holiday person since my Grandmother passed but today I have finally made peace with it. It’s taken years so I will definitely be praying for everyone who’s missing a loved one at this time!!!!

Sunday Vibes | Never to Late | Good Stretch

Sunday Vibes | Never to Late | Good Stretch

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Are your kids having a hard time in school?

My baby was having a hard time with her behavior in school…

Things I did:
– change her diet
– consult my therapist
– get her into a therapist of her own
– consult her pediatrician
– make her bedtime earlier so she got more sleep
– take away extracurriculars for a month
– have close family members talk to her to see if anything was bothering her
– talk to her myself to see if anything was bothering her
– strategized with the principal and teachers about putting some positive reinforcements in place both at home and at school
– spend more one on one time with her
– use my words and express to her why her behavior was not acceptable

Things I did not do:
– storm into her school and beat her like some bitch off the street
– call her names
– record my tantrum for the world to see

Amazing how adults can’t even exercise self control and sound logic but expect children to. Proper parenting takes patience and work. It’s not for the angry and lazy.

Looking to start your own business!!!!

Have you ever thought about starting a new business but didn’t know where to look?

I have a vendor list for anything you can think of and if I don’t have it trust me I can get it for you.

Do you want to sale make up, sex toys, clothes, shoes, defensive tools, and etc then your looking stops here!

If you also need help with designing a website then let me know because I can make your website as well!